The American Productivity & Quality Center

APQC provides products and services needed to help organizations discover and implement best practices and obtain measurable results. Includes news, free resources, best practices section, and events.

Best Practices, LLC

Provides perspective on integrating and aligning knowledge management within an organization. Provides selected KM methods.

Bootstrap Institute

Founded in 1988 by the creator of GUI, mouse, and other revolutionary concepts, Doug Englebart and his daughter, Christina Englebart. Bootstrap helps organizations transform into “high-performance organizations.” It targets both the organization’s Collective IQ and its capacity to improve as the points of greatest leverage for continuing survival and success. Includes articles, books, and other publications.

Business Intelligence

Engages in KM and Km-related research, publishes reports, organizes conferences and exhibitions. Operates forum for member organizations.

Content includes information regarding the KM Certification Program, news, calendar (includes conferences and course schedules), Knowledge Response Center, World International Capital Exchange, knowledgeCenter’s publishing collaborative and Egroup for KM certification program members.

Entovation International Ltd.

Resources (links to news, articles, and more), Knowledge Innovation Timeline, Knowledge Leadership Map, information regarding Deborah Amidan (CEO & Chairman of Entovation), products & services, and assessment tools.

Fred Nickols’ KM Resources

(See also “The Knowledge Worker’s Tool“)

Fred Nickols’ site contains links to the following resources: general purpose KM, consulting companies, people-centered, and publications-centered sites.


Identifies trends and preferences of children ages, 8-18, which may help businesses by making children’s products more desirable for kids. Links include those on informational “learning” resources.

David Gurteen’s “site is aimed at knowledge professionals who wish to transform the way that they work; the way that they manage and interact with other people in their organization and who wish to better leverage workgroup technology.” Several topics are covered, including: KM, Learning, Thinking, Creativity, and Personal Mastery.

ITtoolbox Knowledge Management

ITtoolbox Knowledge Management is a collaborative community for IT & business professionals looking to learn more about Knowledge Management. The portal offers forums for discussion, a resource directory, daily news, an events calendar and much more.

KM Pro

KMPro is a non-profit, member-driven society, dedicated to furthering the development of Knowledge Management and it’s many subcomponents, through high-quality Certification, Workshops, Networking, Journal Publishing, Membership, Partnering, and much more.

KM World Online

KM World Online includes “100 companies that matter in KM,” online resources, KMWORLD Buyer’s Guide, news, publications and events.

The Kaieteur Institute for Knowledge Management

Site topics include Thought Leadership, Categories of Digital Knowledge Exchanges, links & web resources, Knowledge Market Services, Partnerships, and Press Releases.

Kenniscentrum CIBIT (The Netherlands)

Homepage for CIBIT with indications of its KM-related research and consulting services, KM master classes, and the International Knowledge Management Network.

Know Inc.

Provides portal for knowledge services and products, knowledge practitioners networking, surveys, and other services. Provides access to knetus (member network) and other sites.

Knowledge Ability – Knowledge Management

Knowledge Ability’s KM site introduces a typical KM Management lifecycle and the company’s KM practice.

Homepage for Teleos hosted by Rory Chase, editor of Journal of Knowledge Management and eminent KM observer and commentator.

Knowledge Connections

David Skyrme Associates homepage with Entovation International News and many other valuable insights.

A site dedicated to knowledge sharing that includes many resources for km researchers and practitioners such as case studies, tool directories, articles overviews, a glossary, etc. According to, their site is one of the most comprehensive sites on the emerging communication perspective on knowledge management.

Knowledge and Innovation Network (KIN)

KIN brings together organizations with a shared interest in enhancing their Knowledge Management practices by focusing on key behavioral issues. Associated with Warwick Business School, KIN is vendor-independent and enables business practitioners to develop new insights through networking and access to the latest research.

The Knowledge Management Advantage

A dynamic and comprehensive Knowledge Management information resource for organizations striving to achieve competitive advantage and world-class recognition.

Knowledge Management Consortium International

Homepage for KMCI and its publications: Knowledge and Innovation (quarterly) and KM News (monthly).

Knowledge Management Exchange (KME)

Provides a means for exchanging knowledge management ideas, particularly as it relates to decision support. Focuses on themes presented in book entitled, Decision Support Systems: A Knowledge-Based Approach. Includes links to reference section, publications, other forums, news, instructional materials, and information regarding DSS careers and degrees.

The Knowledge Management (KM) Lab

The Knowledge Management (KM) Lab at Florida International University College of Business Administration started its operations in June 1997. The charter of the KM Lab is to research and evaluate the practices, processes, and technologies that are being used in the field of knowledge management. The KM Lab is staffed with graduate and undergraduate FIU students from different disciplines.


A site dedicated to visual knowledge management that offers a community space for sharing of visual knowledge templates.

Net Academy on Knowledge-media

Homepage for Net Academy and provides a wide range of services and information on KM-related research, papers, publications, conferences, etc. Started by Professor Beat F. Schmid of the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland.

Univ. of Southern California’s Organizational Knowledge Site

Overviews of the knowledge organization, knowledge processes, the learning organization, calendar of events, report on knowledge organizations, and a knowledge white paper.

WWW Virtual Library on Knowledge Management

Includes a wide range of forums, articles, magazines, events, resources, analyses and news.